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We always have some news for you. We inform you about anything from new product launches to current events around the globe. We provide you with an update on company activities and introduce new partners and distributors. And if we are looking for you as our new employee, we will let you know right here. In other words: There is always something new to discover on our web page. Additional current news of the Echterhage-Group can be found here:
DST introduces a new storage system
02/24/2014 | DST
The manufacturer of magnetic couplings and canisters can now make use of an efficient storage solution. From now on, the vertical lift system by Kardex Remstar replaces the conventional storage rack ...

MDA India – Introduction of innovative products by Beinlich Pumpen
12/17/2013 | VSE | BEINLICH
On the 7th international trade fair for Electrical and Mechanical Power Transmission (MDA) in New Delhi the Indian sales company BEDA Flow Systems Pvt. Ltd. is also represented. From 17 to 20 December ...

New test stand at VSE
09/12/2013 | VSE
In order to be able to cover the increasing requirement for calibration and the extended flow ranges of the RS volume sensors, investment has been made in a new test stand at VSE. The new facility has ...

Luigi de Luca became Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Beinlich Pumpen
06/28/2012 | BEINLICH
Today, Luigi de Luca became a Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Beinlich Pumpen GmbH. He was previously Sales Director at the company, which belongs to the Echterhage Holding. CEO Jürgen Echterhage a ...

ACHEMA 2012: DST, Beinlich Pumps and VSE exhibit numerous innovative products
06/25/2012 | VSE | BEINLICH | DST
DST magnetic couplings, VSE flow measurement and Echterhage Holding's Beinlich Pumps were of course present at the world forum for the process industry and technology summit for chemical technology, e ...

DST successfully introduces BOROHARDCAN® to the market
02/04/2012 | DST
The market introduction of the new eddy-current-free BOROHARDCAN® from DST was a success. The magnetic coupling with a canister made of borosilicate glass can be used in extreme temperature conditions ...

VSE and Beinlich develop a new test stand
12/22/2011 | VSE | BEINLICH
VSE Volumentechnik and Beinlich have cooperated to develop, build, and operate a high pressure hydraulic test stand to test and refine sensor technology. In addition, VSE created a test stand to measu ...

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DARTec® – The Pump Series for the Highest Dispensing Precision
DARTec® – The Pump Series for the Highest Dispensing PrecisionSmall, lightweight, compact, efficient – this describes the new pump serie ...more
Innovative Helical Screw Flow Meter
Innovative Helical Screw Flow Meter In addition to the well-known VSE model series VSI and VHM as well as EF ecoflo ...more
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