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BOROHARDCAN® - canister made from Borosilicate

Finally, economic energy savings of up to 30% can be realised in magnetic coupling systems through the application of the BOROHARDCAN®.

The Borosilicate canister BOROHARDCAN® has no eddy currents losses, can be used in extreme temperature conditions and has a very good chemical resistance. The BOROHARDCAN® is a cost-effective alternative to other non-metallic canisters, both through lower acquisition costs and through the avoidance of thermal power dissipation.

Replacement on running machines and plants is simple since the connecting dimensions and the external geometry are structurally identical.

Performance data

  • Pressure: Vaccum up to 16 bar
  • Temperature resistance -196°C up to +450°C
  • Thermal shock resistance: 100°C
    According to AD 2000 data sheet N4, the operating temperature must be <= 300°C.
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • NdFeB magnets can be used for applications up to max. 180°C


  • Energy savings of up to 30% are possible
  • Improved pump efficiency
  • Cost effective in comparison with ceramic/PEEK
  • Lower input power required
  • Downsizing of coupling and electrical motor possible
  • No eddy currents – therefore no heat generation
  • Perfect for high speed and dry running applications
  • Conversion units for PU applications with BOROHARDCAN®

More information on the BOROHARDCAN® can be found in our product catalogue. For detailed information and technical specifications, please contact our employees.