Oleotec S.r.l. produces cutting-edge products for checking parameters in hydraulic circuits, including a comprehensive range of test points, hydraulic hoses and pressure gauges under the brand name MCS®. Our hydraulic components are reliable and cost-effective and can be used in many different sectors.

MCS® – abbreviation for “Mini Control System“ – defines a complete range of test points, miniaturised fittings and hoses manufactured according to ISO 9001:2015 standards. The products offer simple and inexpensive means to check pressure at any point in hydraulic systems, while at full pressure.

Our innovative test point MCS® 621 represents a leakage-free solution, even when dealing with very low viscosity fluids. The newly designed series reduces pressure losses and ensures a quicker response and more precise measurements. Its high-quality zinc-nickel plating is resistant to corrosion. The new 621 test points are assembled and 100% checked by state-of- the-art, fully automated transfer machines.

In our production facilities, Oleotec products are manufactured quickly and in high quality. We are also fast and flexible when it comes to producing customised orders. With our strategic position in the province of Varese, near Milan and our worldwide distribution network, Oleotec operates all over the world, with a constant focus on its customers’ needs and with a reliable and efficient customer service.

Whenever pressure needs to be monitored and measured safely and reliably in a hydraulic system, Oleotec should be your first port of call. Thanks to our many years of experience, we understand the requirements of our customers and know exactly how much force our products need to withstand. We use our passion for invention to continuously improve the product characteristics of our test points, ensuring that our products can meet all demands, reliably and sustainably.

Our high-quality fluid technology products are applied worldwide in high-tech processing plants in the plastics, polyurethane, chemical, pharmaceutical, paint and varnish, hydraulic and automobile industries, in 2-component technology as well as in the adhesive bonding and dosing technology.

Our employees contribute to the success of our customers with precise knowledge and technical expertise developed over many years from the handling of customer projects. We at Oleotec understand our customers‘ systems and know how the individual components interact. With this extensive knowledge and our application-specific experience, we can respond to your requirements and select the right product for your application.

We are your reliable partner in Italy both for standard devices and for customer-specific solutions according to client requirements. We provide personal and competent consultations, perfect on-site service, quality support and application expertise. Our clients benefit from our technical knowhow and short development and delivery intervals. Working closely with our clients from the initial project development helps us streamline the design, assembly and commissioning processes to follow.