New MCS Series 621: Poppet Valve testpoint

With the new MCS Series 621 testpoint, Oleotec has designed an innovative and reliable product. Thanks to the poppet valve with integrated O-ring sealing, even low viscosity fluids can be used safely and leakage free. The special piston profile allows reduced pressure losses during the opening phase.

A Zinc-Nickel-plating ensures that all the MCS testpoints are less susceptible to rust and need to be replaced less frequently. Additionally, Oleotec has developped a new wired cap system which is less subject to corrosion in comparison to the conventional chain systems. Furthermore, this solution does not produce additional noise in the hydraulic mobile system.

The MCS Series 621 can be operated with a working pressure of up to 630 bars. Hence, it is ideal for pressure check in hydraulic systems, for lubrication and air bleeding and for a use in microhydraulics. The new test point has proven to be excellent in the test pulse, in effect it even exceeded the long term 2,000,000 cycle impulse test. The MCS Series 621 is designed for operating temperatures of up to +200 °C and complies with the reference norm ISO 15171-2 08/2000.

Published: May, 20 2014