VSE develops new precise demagnetisation plant

All components of the VSE flow meters are naturally slightly magnetised or become magnetised during the manufacturing process. However, magnetism disturbs the signal output of the electronics immensely. With the plate demagnetiser used up to now, a large part of the magnetism could be removed, but handling was more time-consuming and residual magnetism could not be completely avoided due to the heating plates in the demagnetiser. VSE has therefore developed an instrument that demagnetises the components much more precisely and quickly.

The newly developed plant contains a magnetic coil with which several components (base plate, centre piece, gears, etc.) can be demagnetised simultaneously from all sides. The coil produces an alternating magnetic field, whereupon a power amplifier generates a frequency-controlled pulse. This process achieves a high penetration depth into the material, which significantly prevents remagnetisation of the components. This is a significant advantage over the previous unit, with which the components could only be stably demagnetised individually and only in the superficial levels. The new efficient system optimises this process of component demagnetisation considerably in terms of time and, above all, ensures a permanent signal quality from the VSE flow meters.

Published: November, 19 2020