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Pressure check for the highest level of security

Oleotec S.r.l., being part of the Echterhage Holding and located in the Italian city of Cantello (Varese), has been developing and producing check couplings for hydraulic systems since 1976. These are being distributed under the name "Mini Control System", together with a comprehensive product range of hydraulic hoses, manometers and other supplementary components.

The client comes first

For a thorough advice, keeping a constant contact with the client is most important for Oleotec. Only by communicating, the ideal customer-specific solution can be found and developed. With its global distribution network and the strategic positioning near Milan in Northern Italy, Oleotec acts worldwide by always closely focusing on the customer’s needs.

Industrial applications

With a comprehensive, high-quality and economic product range of miniature fittings, check couplings and corresponding accessories (Mini Control System), Oleotec offers hydraulic components for an easy-to-handle and safe measurement of pressure. The components can be used in every industrial area and can be installed at any point of the hydraulic system where pressure is to be monitored.